About Us

e-IEC Global

The e-IEC Global is a complete web-based service for providing electronic solution for paperless documentation of Independent Ethics Committee (IEC) and its related activities. It also provides long term e-archival facility for IEC records as per regulatory agency requirements.

It provides web-based software services like :

  • E-registration and login ID creation for individual IEC /sponsor/ CRO/ pharmaceutical company
  • One point details of registered IECs for individual city/state/country
  • Login facility from anywhere/ any time with the help of unique ID and password
  • Login facility for individual IEC member for performing their relevant activities as assigned by IEC
  • Auto login ID creation/ modification/ deactivation and access rights management for individual user
  • Provision for uploading of clinical trial application for IEC review and approval of protocol/amendment(s)/ general documents/etc
  • Generation of different IEC records like Meeting Agenda, Minutes of Meeting (MoM), Decision Making, IEC Approval, etc
  • Provision for submission or reporting of study progress reports/ study updates/ study schedule/ SAE or AE management update/ Protocol Deviations
  • Email/SMS intimation for uploading of application, acceptance of application, updates, request, meeting schedule, decision making, training schedule, etc
  • Generation and maintenance of individual IEC member’s CV/ IEC SOPs
  • One click availability of different type of reports related to application/ update/ request/ IEC member training / IEC decision making/ IEC composition/ IEC member CV/ IEC member job responsibility / etc
  • Archival and periodic backup of all records including superseded documents for required time period.
  • At e-IEC Global, we accept every challenge as an opportunity to be solved creatively to provide effective solutions for related services. We believe that, every service that we provide will supports to our customers in term of speed, quality, reliability and accountability of related works.
  • Our philosophy is to satisfy the customer and give him worth of every penny they spend on us. If you have any enquiry, we would be happy to hear from you.